CSG UPB Laboratory Development and Status

CSG UPB Laboratory Development and Status

From left to right:
Horia Necula, Vice Director, Mihnea Costoiu, Director of the Polytechnical
University of Bucharest, Canzio Dovigo, President of Crystal System Group
Ltd., Frank Nagorschel, Director Marketing and Talent Solutions at Crystal
System Group Ltd.

28th June 2021

Signing the Cooperation Agreement between
Polytechnical University of Bucharest and
Crystal System Group for “Innovation in Education”
by Industry 4.0 and Industrial Data Management

05th October 2021

The Industry 4.0 Classroom in the CET Building
Prepared by Crystal System Group Ltd..
Today installing IT Workstations and Internet
Next week is coming the Festo Cyber Physical Factory
We get ready to start and train the Traine