Crystal System Albania turned one

Crystal System Albania turned one

In October 2018 Crystal System celebrated its 1st anniversary in Albania. Everything started a year ago with 16 young students, fruit of the successful collaboration with Aleksandër Moisiu University, who were the first to be trained and employed in Crystal System Albania.

Now, a year later, we celebrate an anniversary with a staff of 46 employees (with the goal of reaching 150 within the next 18 months), and the office is full of young students, skilled software developers and people who worked hard for their dreams.

In the presence of the Rector of Aleksandër Moisiu University, Prof. Dr. Ksianela Sotirofski, the Vice President of Oracle for Middle East and Africa, Mr. Pier Francesco Di Giuseppe, the Deputy Minister of European Affairs and Foreign Affairs, Mr. Etjen Xhafaj, the Mayor of Durrës, Mr. Vangjush Dako and other influential guests, we visited the modern laboratory “Crystal Lab” that Crystal established in the University’s premises. The Rector and the Minister rewarded the two students who won the motorcycles in the last ABAP and JAVA courses.

The occasion was also used for the introduction of the “Enterprise Resource Planning Systems” Master Program. This Master is the first of its kind in Albania and comes as the result of the fruitful cooperation between Aleksandër Moisiu University and Crystal System. Crystal invests in the knowledge, skills and professional growth of students, with the last word in technology, creating a warm and welcoming environment.

We celebrated our first successful year in Albania. Cheers to one, and to many more…