Crystal Talent Solutions – Business Angels Europe

Crystal Talent Solutions – Business Angels Europe

Crystal Talent Solutions – Business Angels Europe (BAE) @ Polytechnical University of Bucharest

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Crystal Talent Solutions invited together with the Faculty of Energetica at the Polytechnical University of Bucharest, to a lesson about Business Angel Investment.

  • What is a Business Angel and a Business Angel Network?
  • How does a Business Angel work and what does he expects?
  • What do I have to do to convince a Business Angel to finance my business?
  • How much money does a Business Angel or Business Angel Network invests usually?
  • Where do I find more information?

Around 100 Students form different faculties followed the invitation and listened to the Honorary President and Vice President for Public Affairs of Business Angels Europe, Mr. Philippe Gluntz, introduction into the subjects and the answers he gave to the questions.

Following Mr. Gluntz, Mr. Dan Stoica – a local Romanian Investor and Business Angel explained what he would expect from a potential Start-Up-Founder who comes to him. Knowledge about the Market which matters, flexibility and the power and skill to decide – as in the technology sector the time between two technical evolution steps gets shorter and shorter and young like mature entrepreneurs have to react to these changes in time.

Mr. Frank Nagorschel, Director Marketing & Talent Solutions, Crystal System Group Ltd., offered help to all students which asks for help to build up their Start-Up and presented the structure and elements of a basic Business Plan. The Business Plan and also the Presentation of Mr. Phillipe Gluntz will be made available for download at: