On the 25th of September Frank Nagorschel, Director of Crystal Talents Department, presented the newest project ‘Intelligent Process Visualization’ at the Business Evolution Event held in JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel.There, Mr. Nagorschel gave a speech about the Vision of Crystal Talents and about IPV (Intelligent Process Visualization).

Our company concentrates on the importance of knowledge capital; a strong and coherent emphasis on education is central to our success. We focus on skilled and smart employees; thus, we make it a duty upon us to recruit and work with high standard staff. Our core value lies on two basic principles, one is to grow knowledge constantly and the other is to provide an environment that is work friendly.

With IPV we help corporations to manage their complex projects by providing a virtual visualization similar to the real-world. Our clients will be allowed to access backend the systems of Application Management process, the relevant system and process documentation, and will be able to use the entire content for teaching and training purposes.

Our objective is to help our clients to manage complex data systems, processes and people through innovative approaches. The idea is to combine system visualization processes and Artificial Intelligence, so that Machine Learning makes the system intelligent and self-learning. The result is a better management of complex data, systems and processes and a reduction of costs.