Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline that focuses on managing and optimising the processes’ lifecycle to improve corporate performance. BPM provides total visibility into the organization as it leads the discovering, modelling, analysing, measuring and enhancing of business processes, so it enables organizations to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change.
The processes under analysis are all the set of activities and transactions that an organization conducts in order to achieve an objective; processes coordinate the behaviour of people, systems, information and things, they go from simple actions (i.e. order fulfillment) to complex projects (i.e. new product development), and each of them will be under control thanks to a well-developed BPM.


Appian is a recognized market leader among the new generation BPM systems. Crystal, with its focused team of experts in this technology, is an Appian’s Partner.
Appian BPM enables the design, management and optimization of a business process, through an easy-to build, integrate, use and maintain work platform that unites users with all their data, processes and collaborations in one environment, through a simple social interface.
Appian offers great flexibility, being cloud and on-premise portable and being out-of-the-box mobile compatible; combining BPM, social business, mobile access and cloud deployment, Appian suite is meant to rapidly build, deploy, use and scale problem-solving applications.
Crystal is offering both Development projects and Application Maintenance Services to its clients, at an international level, with proven experience.
Crystal has developed “Appian BPMN 2.0 Importer, an application that allows customers to re-use existing BPMN 2.0 compliant process models in Appian. Business Analysts or Process Owners often model enterprise processes with a variety of modelling tools. When implementing these processes in Appian, the analysts or developers need to model them again from scratch. With this app, the existing BPMN2 Models created with the client’s favourite Process Modelling tool can be imported using an Appian Application without re-modelling from scratch.

IBM Business Process Manager

IBM Business Process Manager is a full-featured, consumable BPM platform designed for faster time to deployment. It includes tooling and run time for process design, execution, monitoring and optimization of business processes.
IBM Business Process Manager can be used almost immediately in its standard configuration or in an easily customizable configuration. It provides a highly integrated environment that scales smoothly and easily from initial project to enterprise-wide program, providing faster time to value with improved user productivity.