Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is the set of tools used to elaborate the data collected within an enterprise and transform them into meaningful information for business analysis purposes. The goal of BI is to ease the interpretation of large volumes of data and the visualisation of information, through reporting, querying, dashboards and OLAP.

ORACLE Business Intelligence

We have a substantial experience of working with reporting, ad-hoc query and analysis, OLAP, dashboard and scorecard functionality within the family of ORACLE BI Tools, with a rich end-user experience. In particular, we have a good history of delivering Hyperion projects (ESSbase, Budget, Planning, HFM) and an extensive competence in the ETL technologies (ODI) and in Oracle Data Bases.

QLIK view

We have a wide experience of the QlikView Business Discovery platform, which delivers in- memory BI solutions that quickly analyse data and dynamically calculate new views of information, driving innovative decision-making. QlikView enables consolidating data from multiple sources into a single application, searching across all data, directly and indirectly, and exploring the associations in data; it allows interaction with dynamic apps, dashboards and analytics, and offers a complete integration with mobile devices.

IBM / Microsoft

Among the extensive technology offering of IBM and Microsoft, we focus on BI Data Bases (IBM Netezza and Microsoft SQL Server) and ETL tools (Microsoft SSIS, IBM Data Stage).